How Can I Punish My Child the Right Way?

December 14, 2017 08:23 PM

Parents often resolve to scream at and hit their children, thinking that this is the optimal way to parent their disobedient children. However, the consequences of harsh treatment are more harmful than they are good, as they develop many negative emotions in young children. The repercussions of treating children violently will create an aggressive child, hostile and vengeful towards his parents and the environment.

The methods included below should teach your child not to repeat his mistakes, in order to avoid punishment in the future.


Tips for Punishing Your Child:

  • If your child is younger than two years old, you need to go down to his eye level and speak firmly and calmly without yelling.
  • For an older child, send him to the time-out corner or chair. Give him a set time to think about his mistake. Once the time out is done, explain to him why he was punished and let him apologize.
  • Deprive your child of an activity he loves. These activities can range from watching TV to visiting friends or playing with his iPad.
  • Never punish your child or hit him in front of his friends, as this can damage the child’s self-esteem.
  • Do not extend the period of punishment, in order to avoid your child feeling negative and vengeful emotions.
  • Make it clear to your child that you are not punishing him because he is bad, you are only punishing his bad behavior.
  • Make sure to show your child a lot of love after punishment. Once a child feels love, he will feel like he never wants to disappoint you.