Getting Your Children’s Schedule Back on Track after a Holiday

December 14, 2017 08:26 PM

Children become used to a holiday routine, and so it is difficult for them to switch back to a school schedule, particularly if this happens suddenly and without preparation.

However, if you plan to reorganize your children’s day for going back to school a week before the first school day, they are more likely to be energized and enthusiastic for school. This preparation will help your children feel organized, and it will surely get them back on track.

Here are a few tips on how you can do that:


Organizing Bedtime:

A week before school, you will need to gradually prepare your child for school nights. You can start with asking him to go to bed half an hour earlier each day, until you reach the perfect bedtime for school.


Shopping for School:

Taking your child shopping for school supplies will make him feel ready and enthusiastic to go back to school.


Reorganizing Your Child’s Bedroom:

Reorganize the bedroom so that it can contain a small corner for studying and a library. You can also take this opportunity to clean the desk of old books and papers, while making room for the new ones.



During vacation time, your children may have gotten used to waking up late and missing out on breakfast. Make sure to wake your children up early to have breakfast, as this is necessary for their productivity in school.


After School Routine:

Create a special routine for your children after school, such as changing into clean clothes, eating dinner, doing homework, and then playtime.



Encourage your child to read his new textbooks before school starts, without making him feel intimidated or overwhelmed.